Our Mission

CISF is a nonprofit organization dedicated to a mission of “promoting economic development and facilitating investment of capital to support community revitalization, the nonprofit sector and in underserved markets.”

Transforming Communities with Creative Capital

Featured Project


CISF and Neighborhood Service Organization (NSO) need donors like you to advance an innovative supportive housing project that is moving our community towards the elimination of homelessness. Every dollar brings us closer to our goal of $4 million. To support NSO through CISF,

Visit NSO's website for more information on this project.

You can make an impact on underserved communities by donating to CISF. Your donation supports activities unsupported by traditional financing to promote community stabilization.

Do you have a project or program need that benefits low-income communities? Interested in applying for services? Not sure what criteria you must meet? Click below to find if you qualify and how to apply.